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Creative Industries can help you make your environment meet your dreams. From a backyard deck to a verdant garden, you are only limited by nature and your imagination. Talk to us about your budget and your vision, and we’ll change your world.


The very definition of durable, it not only adds character but has infinite applications, from patios to walls to waterfalls that feel like they were formed when the Earth was young.


Whether it is chain link, wooden or ornamental, if you live near wildlife, or in a heavy-traffic neighbourhood, a fence may be just what you need. It enhances your privacy, provides added security and can help to improve relationships with your neighbours.


As part of garden landscaping, to extend the living area of a house or as an alternative to stone-based features such as patios. Decks are often built from pressure-treated wood. Pressure-treated wood is long-lasting and holds up to wet and icy conditions.

Irrigation & Design

Full irrigation system installations & repairs. Spring start-up and fall blow-out packages

Land Development

We work to create beauty with natural elements: terrain, native flora and fauna…we consider the angle of the sun, the existing topography and soil qualities, even the prevailing winds, to make the most of any project, from your backyard to parks, playgrounds and public green spaces.

Why choose us?

We have the equipment, the experience, and the team to get your job done. Limitless options constrained only by budget, nature, and your imagination. Let’s see what can be done with your space.
  • Design experience
  • Budget conscious
  • Results oriented
  • Concept to completion

What are the 5 principles of landscaping?

The basic principles of landscaping include proportion, balance, contrast and harmony, color, and repetition.

What do I need to know before landscaping?

Brainstorm First! Make a list of wants. Design and draw things out. Think about the size and price of your project. Get quotes from local landscape suppliers to help with your budget – we’re more than happy to help.

What are the three main parts of a landscape?

A large part of landscape architecture can be summed up under three main elements: greenscape, hardscape and waterscape. Rolling grassy hills and slopes, tree-lined pavements, and shady groves; creek pebble pathways to limestone retention walls, brick patios to natural wood decking, and rustic wood benches in secluded rest spots, and Koi fishponds, rolling waterfalls, creeks with well-manicured banks, decorative outdoor fountains, cascading wall fountains, pools… Three ideas and truly limitless possibilities.

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Creative Industries is a company that cares about the long-term growth of our team and the Fort McMurray community.

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